New additions added since last e-news.


Calpe Miniatures ― Saxon Napoleonic

Light Infantry
S61 Light Infantry Skirmishers Firing Line (6)
S62 Light Infantry Skirmishers at Ease (4)
S63 Light Infantry Skirmishers Firing Line (2 Head Turned/2 Greatcoat Rolls)
S64 Light Infantry Skirmishers Firing Line (2 Barehead/2 Forage Caps)
S65 Light Infantry Command (Drummer, Bugler, Sapper & NCO)
S66 Light Infantry Officers (3 Foot w/ Mounted Officer)
S67 Light Infantry March Attack (Covered Shakos) (6)
S68 Light Infantry March Attack (Calfskin Shakos) (4)
S69 Light Infantry March Attack (Heads Turned/Greatcoat Rolls)
S70 Light Infantry March Attack (2 Barehead/2 Forage Caps)
S71 Light Infantry March Attack (2 Falling Casualties/ 2 Enthusiastic)
S72 Light Infantry Command March Attack (Drummer, Bugler, Sapper & NCO)
S73 Light Infantry Officers March Attack (3 Foot w/ Mounted Officer)
S74 Light Infantry Prone Casualties (4)


SA15 NCO Gun Captain (Pack/Covered Shakos) (4)
SA16 NCO Gun Captain (Pack/Shakos) (4)
SA17 Various Servers (Covered Shakos) (6)
SA18 Various Servers (Shakos) (6)
SA19 Battery Command (Mounted Officer w/ 2 Foot / Drummer / Sapper / Feldwebel)


Perry Miniatures ― Portuguese Napoleonic

PORT12 Cazadores Firing Line w/ Brown Bess Rifles (6)
PORT13 Atiradores Skirmishing w/ Rifles (6)
PORT14 Telegraph Station w/ Corpsmen & Engineer Officer (4)
PORT15 Line Calvary Command Advancing (Helmets) (1806-11)
PORT16 Line Calvary Advancing (Helmets) (1806-11)
PORT17 Line Calvary Command at Ready (Helmets) (1806-11)
PORT18 Line Calvary Advancing (Helmets) (1806-11)
PORT19 Line Calvary Command Advancing (Shakos) (1810-14)
PORT20 Line Calvary Advancing (Shakos) (1810-14)
PORT21 Line Calvary Command at Ready (Shakos) (1810-14)
PORT22 Line Calvary Advancing (Shakos) (1810-14)


Perry Miniatures ― British Napoleonic

BH104 Egypt, India, East/West Indies Colonels (Round Hats, 1801-08)
BH105 Worldwide Colonels (Bicornes/Queues, 1801-07)
BH106 British Colonels (Bicornes, 1808-13)
BH125 General Abercrombey, Hutchinson & Moore (Egypt High Command 1801)
BH126 General Coote, Doyle & Cradock (Egypt 1801)
Infantry - Egypt Campaign
BH107 The Watteville Swiss Regiment Command (Egypt 1801) (6)
BH108 The Watteville Swiss Regiment (Egypt 1801) (6)
BH109 Roll's Swiss Regiment Command (Egypt 1801) (6)
BH110 Roll's Swiss Regiment Centre Company (Egypt 1801) (6)
BH111 Roll's Swiss Regiment Flank Company (Egypt 1801) (6)
BH127 Corsican Ranger Command Advancing (Egypt 1801) (6)
BH128 Corsican Rangers Advancing (Egypt 1801) (6)
Marines/Navy Infantry
BH117 Naval Landing Party Command (6)
BH118 Sailors Attacking w/ Pistols/Cutlasses (6)
BH119 Sailors Attacking w/ Pikes (6)
BH120 Sailors Skirmishing w/ Muskets (6)
BH121 Sailors Hauling Rope (6)
BH122 Flat Boat Resin (12 rowing/Midshipman)
BH123 Command Seated (Round Hats/Sentinals 1798-1808) (for BH122)
BH124 Infantry Seated (1798-1808) (for BH122)
Bombay Campaign
BH129 Bombay Grenadier Command Marching (6)
BH130 Bombay Grenadiers Marching (6)
BH131 Bombay Sepoy Command Marching (6)
BH132 Bombay Sepoys Marching (6)
Peninsular War Camp
BH142 British Infantry Standing Down w/ Sentry (6)
BH143 Surgeon Extracting Tooth w/ Onlookers (6)
BH144 Prepping/Cooking for Camp (6)
BH145 Carousing w/ Local Spaniards (6)
BH146 Loading Baggage Donkey w/ Donkey Transport (4)$18.00
BH112 British Casualties (1801-08) (6)
Calvary - Egypt Campaign
BH133 Hompesch's Hussar Command Advancing (Egypt 1801) (3)
BH134 Hompesch's Hussars Advancing (Egypt 1801) (3)
Foot Artillery
BH135 Royal Foot Artillery Firing 6lb Cannon (1808-14) (4)
BH136 Royal Foot Artillery Loading 6lb Cannon (1808-14) (4)
BH137 Royal Foot Artillery Traversing 6lb Cannon (1808-14) (4)
BH138 Royal Foot Artillery Firing 5.5lb Howitzer (1808-14) (4)
BH139 Royal Foot Artillery Traversing 5.5lb Howitzer (1808-14) (4)
BH140 Royal Foot Artillery Firing 12lb Cannon (1808-14) (4)
BH141 Royal Foot Artillery Loading 12lb Cannon (1808-14) (4)
Artillery - Egypt Campaign
BH113 Foot Artillery Firing 6lb Cannon (Shipton Hats, Egypt 1801) (4)
BH114 Foot Artillery Loading 6lb Cannon (Cocked Hats/Fatigue Caps, Egypt 1801) (4)
BH115 Foot Artillery Firing 12lb Cannon (Cocked Hats, Egypt 1801) (4)
BH116 Foot Artillery Prep 12lb Cannon (Shipton Hats/Fatigue Caps, Egypt 1801)


Perry Miniatures ― Russian Napoleonic

RN80 Pavlov Grenadier Command Advancing (6)
RN81 Pavlov Grenadiers Advancing (6)
RN82 Pavlov Fusiliers Advancing (6)
RN83 Pavlov Grenadier Heads (42 for converting Infantry set RN20)
RN84 Pavlov Fusulier Heads (42 for converting Infantry set RN20)
RN76 Uhlan Command Advancing (1812-14) (3)
RN77 Uhlans Charging w/ Lances (1812-14) (3)
RN78 Uhlans Advancing (1812-14) (3)
RN79 Uhlan Flankers Advancing w/ Carbines (1812-14) (3)
RN74 Forge
RN75 Tool/Ammunition Wagon
Horse Artillery
RN72 Horse Artillery Firing 6lb Cannon (4)
RN73 Horse Artillery Loading 6lb Cannon (4)


Perry Miniatures ― Swedish Napoleonic

SWED10 Savolax Jägers Skirmishing (6)
SWED11 Varmland Jäger Command (6)
SWED12 Varmland Jägers Skirmishing (6)
SWED13 Finnish Nyland Jäger Command (6)
SWED14 Finnish Nyland Jägers Skirmishing (6)
SWED5 Finnish Karelian Dragoon Command Advancing (Bicorns) (3)
SWED6 Finnish Karelian Dragoons Advancing (Bicorns) (3)
SWED7 Finnish Nyland Dragoon Command Advancing (Shakos) (3)
SWED8 Finnish Nyland Dragoons Advancing (Shakos) (3)


Perry Miniatures ― American Civil War

Box Sets
ACW115 American Civil War Union Infantry (Sack Coats) (40)
ACW120 American Civil War Union Infantry Shirmishing (Sack Coats) (38)
Confederate Calvary
ACW112 Dismounted Command (Shirts) (4)
ACW113 Dismounted Cavalry Skirmishing (Shirts) (6)
ACW114 Mounted Horse Holder (Shirt) (3)
ACW116 Cavalry Charging w/ Pistols (Civilian Clothing) (3)
ACW117 Cavalry Advancing w/ Muskets/Rifles (Civilian Clothing) (3)
ACW118 Dismounted Cavalry Skirmishing (Civilian Clothing) (6)
ACW119 Mounted Horse Holder (Civilian Clothing) (3)
ACW125 Dismounted Confederate Command (6)
Union Calvary
ACW102 Command Advancing (Sack Coats) (3)
ACW103 Cavalry Advancing (Sack Coats w/ Swords) (3)
ACW104 Command Advancing (Slouch Hats) (3)
ACW105 Calvary Charging (Slouch Hats) (3)
ACW106 3rd New Jersey "The Butterflies" Command Advancing (3)
ACW107 3rd New Jersey "The Butterflies" Charging (3)
ACW108 Command Advancing (Whipple Cap-hats) (3)
ACW109 Calvary Advancing (Whipple Cap-hats) (3)
ACW110 Bushwhackers Charging (3)
ACW111 Bushwhackers Skirmishing (3)
ACW121 Dismounted Union Command (6)
ACW122 Dismounted Cavalry (Sack Coats) (6)
ACW123 Dismounted Cavalry Skirmishing w/ Carbines (6)
ACW124 Mounted Horse Holder (Sack Coat) (3)


Perry Miniatures ― American War of Independence

AW193 1750's British Supply Wagon
AW194 2-wheel 1750's British Ammunition Cart
AW195 Mounted American Militia Colonels (3)


Elite Miniatures ― Dutch-Belgian Napoleonic

Dutch Line Infantry
DB10ADutch Jäger Command (2 Officers & Hornists)
DB11ADutch Jäger Command (2 Officers, Hornist & Standard Bearer)
Belgian Line Infantry
DB13Belgian Centre Company Advancing (v1) (4)
DB13ABelgian Flank Company Advancing (v1) (4)
DB14Belgian Centre Company Advancing (v2) (4)
DB14ABelgian Flank Company Advancing (v2) (4)
DB15Belgian Centre Company Marching (4)
DB15ABelgian Flank Company Marching (4)
DB16Belgian Line Command (2 Officers & Drummers)
DB16ABelgian Jäger Command (2 Officers & Hornists)
DB17Belgian Line Command (2 Officers, Drummer & Standard Bearer)
DB17ABelgian Jäger Command (2 Officers, Hornist & Standard Bearer)
DB12Belgian Line Standard Bearer (4)
DBC3Mounted Belgian Line Officer w/ Horse


Elite Miniatures ― Horses

Heavy Horses
H17Heavy Horses Walking (4)
H18British Heavy Horses Galloping (docked tails) (4 mixed)