GMB Flags ― American War of Independence

NOTE: All items $7.00 each.

Item Description
American/Continental Army
WIA1 Washington's Headquarters Flag
WIA2 Bunker Hill Flag (2 versions)
WIA3 Liberty Flags 1 (blue/red)
WIA4 Liberty Flags 2 (white)
WIA5 Liberty Tree Flags
WIA6 Rattlesnake Flags
WIA7 Culpepper Minute Men (Virginia)
WIA8 South Carolina Crescent Flags
WIA9 Stars & Stripes (stars in circle)
WIA10 Hanover Association (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
WIA11 1st & 2nd Rhode Island Regiments
WIA12 1st Continental Regiment (Pennsylvania)
WIA13 Independent Battalion (Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania)
WIA14 The Grand Union Flag (January 1776-June 1777)
WIA15 The Congress or Continental Flag (June 1777) (12 stars around edge/star in center)
WIA16 The Congress or Continental Flag (June 1777) (stars in rows; 3/2/3/2/3 from top)
WIA17 Virginia Militia (for Constitutional Liberty)
WIA18 Richmond Rifle Rangers
WIA19 11th Virginia (Alexandria Rifle Company)
WIA20 2nd South Carolina
WIA21 1st North Carolina
WIA22 2nd New Hampshire
WIA23 3rd New York
WIA24 Washington’s Guard
WIA25 1st South Carolina
WIA26 3rd South Carolina
WIA27 1st Connecticut Regiment
WIA28 2nd Connecticut Regiment
WIA29 3rd Connecticut Regiment
WIA30 4th Connecticut Regiment
WIA31 5th Connecticut Regiment
WIA32 6th Connecticut Regiment
WIA33 7th Connecticut Regiment
WIA34 8th Connecticut Regiment
WIA35 2nd Maryland Regiment (Red-faced Regiments)
WIA36 Smallwood’s Maryland Regiment (Buff-faced Regiments)
WIA37 Tarleton Captured Flags (light yellow/blue/central scroll)
WIA38 Red Grand Division Flags (13 red/white striped canton)
WIA39 Blue Grand Division Flags (13 red/white striped canton)
WIA40 White Grand Division Flags (13 red/white striped canton)
WIA41 Buff Grand Division Flags (13 red/white striped canton)
WIA42 Stark’s New Hampshire Militia
WIA43 Easton Stripes & Bars Militia (blue/13 stars centered/striped canton)
WIA44 Ex-King's Militia (Union canton replaced w/ 13 red stripes)
WIA45 Militia White Flags (Liberty/circle of stars)
WIB1 2nd Regiment (Queens Own)
WIB2 3rd (The Buffs/East Kent)
WIB3 4th (Kings Own Royal Regiment)
WIB4 6th Foot (Warwickshire)
WIB5 7th (Royal Fusiliers)
WIB6 18th Regiment (Royal Irish)
WIB7 8th Foot (The Kings Regiment)
WIB8 21st (Royal North British Fusiliers)
WIB9 23rd (Royal Welsh Fusiliers)
WIB10 27th Foot (Inneskilling Regiment)
WIB11 9th Regiment (Norfolk)
WIB12 33rd Regiment (Yorkshire West Riding)
WIB13 40th Foot (South Lancashire Regiment)
WIB14 17th Foot (Leicestershire Regiment)
WIB15 20th Foot (Lancashire Regiment)
WIB16 25th Foot (Kings own Borderers)
WIB17 51st Foot (Yorkshire West Riding)
WIB18 12th Foot (East Suffolk Regiment)
WIB19 42nd (Royal Highland Regiment)
WIB20 1st or Royal Regiment (Royal Scots)
WIB21 37th Foot (Hampshire Regiment)
WIB22 5th (Northumberland Fusiliers)
WIB23 54th Foot (Dorset Regiment)
WIB24 47th Foot (North Lancashire)
WIB25 71st Foot (Frazer's Highlanders)
WIB26 Queen's Rangers (1st American)
WIB27 43rd Foot (Ox & Bucks Light Inf)
WIB28 44th Foot (The Essex Regiment)
WIB29 55th Foot
WIB30 52nd Foot (2nd Ox & Bucks)
WIB31 76th Foot (MacDonald's Highlanders)
WIB32 22nd Foot (Cheshire)
WIB33 28th Foot (North Gloucestershire)
WIB34 49th Foot (Berkshire Regiment)
WIB35 10th Foot (North Lincolnshire)
WIB36 84th Foot (Royal Highland Emigrants)
WIB37 38th Foot (1st Staffordshire)
WIB38 46th Foot (South Devonshire)
WIB39 57th Foot (West Middlesex)
WIB40 64th Foot (2nd Staffordshire)
WIB41 63rd Foot (Manchester Regiment)
WIB42 24th Foot (2nd Warwickshire)
WIB43 62nd Foot (Wiltshire)
WIB45 35th Foot (The Sussex Regiment)
WIB46 15th Foot
WIB47 19th Foot (The Green Howards)
WIB48 Marines 1760-1802
WIBC1 16th Light Dragoons
WIBC2 17th Light Dragoons
WIF1 Bourbonnais Regiment
WIF2 Saintonge Regiment
WIF3 Gatinois Regiment
WIF4 Agenois Regiment
WIF5 Touraine Regiment
WIF6 Soissonnais Regiment
WIF7 Dillon's Regiment
WIF8 Foix Regiment
WIF9 Haynault Regiment
WIF10 Walsh Regiment
WIF11 Rouergue Regiment
WIF12 Royal Deux-Ponts Regiment
WIH1 Leib Regiment
WIH2 Erbprinz Regiment
WIH3 Prinz Carl Regiment
WIH4 von Ditfurth Regiment
WIH5 von Landgraf Regiment
WIH6 von Mirbach Regiment (Jung Lossberg 1780)
WIH7 von Trumbach/Von Bose Regiment (1778)
WIH8 von Donop Regiment
WIH9 von Knyphausen Regiment
WIH10 Garnison Von Bunau Regiment
WIH11 von Lossberg Regiment (Alt Lossburg 1780)
WIH12 Grenadier Regiment Rall/Wollarth
WIG1 Prinz Friedrich Regiment
WIG2 von Riedesel Regiment
WIG3 von Rhetz Regiment
WIG4 von Specht Regiment