GMB Flags ― Saxon Napoleonic

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Standards ordered in 1807 did not reach regiments until 1811.

SA8 carried the Leibfahne after 1812 (Ordinarfahne lost). SA9 is the embroidered crimson/dark red flag ordered in 1807 (delivered in 1811). The facing color changed to yellow in 1810, but there is no mention of a yellow flag. Four sources say crimson or Carmine.

SA2 Konig Regiment 1811-12 (dark red)
SA3 Prinz Anton Regiment 1811-12 (deep blue)
SA4 Prinz Clements Regiment 1811-12 (green)
SA5 Prinz Maximilien Regiment 1811-12 (yellow)
SA6 Prinz Friedrich August Regiment 1811-12 (green)
SA7 Von Low Regiment1811-12 (deep blue)
SA8 Von Niesemeuschel Regiment (dark red)
SA9 Von Rechten Regiment 1811-12
SA10 Konig Regiment 1813 (Cerinni Regt Leibfahne)
SA11 Von Rechten Regiment 1813 (Burgsdorff Regt Ordinarfahne; yellow)
SA12 Von Niesemeuschel Regiment 1813 (Cerinni Regt Ordinarfahne)
SA13 Prinz Maximilien Regiment 1813 (Burgsdorff Regt Leibfahne)
SA14 Prinz Friedrich August Regiment 1813 (replacements; heroic conduct)
SA15 Prinz Clements Regiment 1813
SA16 Prinz Anton Regiment 1813 (Oebschelwitz Regt; sky blue)
SA17 Von Low Regiment 1813 (Dyherrn Regt; sky blue)