GMB Flags ― Russian Napoleonic

NOTE: All items $7.00 each.

The 1797 pattern eagle (R40) is on an orange disk with a laurel wreath, complete with a white shaded background for the Colonel's flag. Colored rays MARKED on both flags. Blanks, can be colored for any 1797 flag.

Packs contain one white and one colored flag, suitable for the first battalion of each regiment.

R1 Regiments of the Moscow Inspection (orange)
R2 Regiments of the Lithuania Inspection (light green)
R3 Regiments of the Kiev Inspection (raspberry red)
R4 Regiments of the Siberia Inspection (light grey)
R5 Regiments of the Brest Litovsk Inspection (straw yellow)
R6 Regiments of the Livonia Inspection (turquoise)
R7 Regiments of the St Petersburg Inspection (black/red corners)
R8 Regiments of the Caucasus Inspection (medium blue)
R9 Regiments of the Ukraine Inspection (rose pink)
R10 Regiments of the Finland Inspection (yellow)
R11 Regiments of the Smolensk Inspection (white)
R12 Regiments of the Orenburg Inspection (camel brown)
R13 Regiments of the Crimea Inspection (buff/light brown)
R14 Regiments of the Dniestr Inspection (lilac)
R15 Regiments of the 18th Division (dark green)
R16 1st to 4th Marines from 1804 (dark blue)
R17 Pernovsky Regiment 1807-13
R18 Belostoksky Musketeers 1807-13
R19 Fanagorisky Grenadiers 1807-13
R20 Azovsky Regiment 1807-13
R21 Permsky Regiment 1807-13
R22 Grouzinsky Grenadiers 1807-13
R23 Odessky Infantry 1807-13
R24 Simbriski Regiment 1807-13
R25 Vilna Regiment 1807-13
R26 Tarnopol Regiment 1807-13
R27 Guards Regiment (for Ismailovski, Preobrajenski & Semenovski)
R28 Lithuanian Guards Regiment 1807-12
R29 Pavlov Grenadiers 1797-14
R30 Leib Grenadiers 1797-14
R31 Riazan Infantry Regiment 1797-15
R32 Kiev Grenadiers 1807-15
R33 Astrakahn Grenadiers 1797-15
R34 Siberia Grenadiers 1797-15
R35 Little Russia Grenadiers 1797-15
R36 New Ingermanland Infantry Regiment 1797-15
R37 Narva Infantry Regiment 1803-15
R38 Smolensk Infantry Regiment 1797-15
R39 Alexapol Infantry Regiment 1797-15
R40 1797 Line Infantry
R41 Selenguinsk Regiment 1797-15
R42 Moscow Regiment 1797-15
R43 Ladoga Regiment 1797-15
R44 Ekaterinburg Regiment 1797-15
R45 Sofia Regiment 1797-15
R46 Poltava Regiment 1797-15
R47 Mourom Regiment 1797-15
R48 Revel Regiment 1797-15
R49 Tchernigov Regiment 1797-15
R50 Polotsk Regiment 1797-15
R51 Kexholm Regiment 1797-15
R52 Rialsk Regiment 1797-15
R53 Arakcheyev Grenadiers 1797-15
R54 Pskov Regiment 1797-15
R55 Tobolsk Regiment 1797-15
R56 Ekaterinoslav Grenadiers 1797-15
R57 St Petersburg Grenadiers 1797-15
R58 Tauride Grenadiers 1812-15
R59 Bielozerkov Regiment 1797-15
R60 Moscow Grenadiers 1812-15
R61 Vitebsk Regiment 1799
R62 Apcheron Regiment 1797
R63 Koslov Regiment 1797
R64 Nacheburg Regiment 1797
R65 Kolyvan Regiment 1799
R66 Riazsk Regiment 1798
R67 Moscow Grenadiers 1797
R68 Kiev Grenadiers 1797
R69 Fanagoria Grenadiers 1797
R70 Caucasus Grenadier Regiment 1797
R71 Kherson Grenadier Regiment 1797
R72 Tauride Grenadier Regiment 1797
R73 Tomsk Regiment 1797
R74 Chirvan Regiment 1797
R75 Apsheron Regiment 1797
R76 Yeletz Regiment 1803
R77 Oufa Regiment 1797
R78 Nijegorod Regiment 1797
R79 Bourtiski Regiment 1797
R80 Kursk Regiment 1797
R81 Archangelgorod Regiment 1797
R82 Azov Regiment 1797
R83 Telenguinsk Regiment 1797
R84 Novgorod Regiment 1797
R85 Old Ingermanland 1797
R86 Staryoskol Regiment 1797
R87 Podolsk Regiment 1803
R88 Voronezh Regiment 1797
R89 Rostov Regiment 1797
R90 Vologda Regiment 1803
R91 Ukraine Regiment 1797
R92 Lithuania Regiment 1797
R93 Tula Regiment 1797
R94 Korporsk Regiment 1803
R95 Kaluga Regiment 1806
R96 Wilna Regiment 1806
R97 Pensa Regiment 1806
R98 Crimea Regiment 1803
R99 Volhynie Regiment 1803
R100 Mohilev Regiment 1806
R101 Pernov Regiment 1803
R102 Galitz Regiment 1803
R103 Estonia Regiment 1806
R104 Odessa Regiment 1806

Item Description
RC1 Emperor Cuirassier Regiment 1797-1815
RC2 Empress Cuirassier Regiment 1797-1815
RC3 Military Order Cuirassier Regiment 1797-1815
RC4 Astrakhan Cuirassier Regiment 1812-15
RC5 Little Russia Cuirassier Regiment 1797-1815
RC6 Ekaterinoslav Cuirassier Regiment 1797-1815
RC7 Glukhov Cuirassier Regiment 1797-1815
RC8 Novgorod Cuirassier Regiment 1812-15
RC9 Moscow Dragoon Regiment 1797-1815
RC10 Ingermanland Dragoon Regiment 1797-1815
RC11 Pskov Dragoon Regiment 1797-12 (till 12/1812 , then Cuirassier)
RC12 Kargopol Dragoon Regiment 1797-1815
RC13 Siberia Dragoon Regiment 1797-12 (till 12/1812, then Lancer)
RC14 Orenburg Dragoon Regiment 1797-12 (till 12/1812, then Lancer)
RC15 Irkutsk Dragoon Regiment 1797-1815
RC16 Kharkov Dragoon Regiment 1802-15
RC17 Tchernigov Dragoon Regiment 1802-15
RC18 New Russia Dragoon Regiment 1802-15
RC19 Kiev Dragoon Regiment 1803-15
RC20 Kazan Cuirassier Regiment 1797-1802; Dragoon 1802-15
RC21 Riazan Cuirassiers 1797-1802 Dragoon 1802 - 1815
RC22 Nejinsky Cuirassiers
RC23 Rejinsky Cuirassiers
RC24 Sofia Cuirassier Regiment 1797
RC25 Kiev Cuirassier regiment 1797-180
RC26 Starodub Cuirassier Regiment 1812-15 (till 12/1812, then Dragoons)
RC27 Kharkov Cuirassier Regiment 1797
RC28 Tchernigov Cuirassier Regiment 1797
RC29 Iamburg Cuirassier Regiment 1797-12 (till 12/1812, then Lancer)
RC30 Neploviev Cuirassier Regiment 1797
RC31 Friderista Cuirassier Regiment 1797
RC32 Zorna Cuirassier Regiment 1797
RC33 Astrakhan Dragoon Regiment 1797
RC34 Hastatova Dragoon Regiment 1797
RC35 Narva Dragoon Regiment 1797-1815
RC36 Nizhnii-Novgorod Dragoon Regiment 1797-1815
RC37 Rostov Dragoon Regiment 1797-1815
RC38 Seversk Dragoon Regiment 1797-1815 (till 12/1812, then Horse Jäger)
RC39 Shreidersa Dragoon Regiment 1797
RC40 Simbrisk Dragoon Regiment 1797
RC41 Smolensk Dragoon Regiment 1797-1815
RC42 St Petersburg Dragoon Regiment 1797-1815
RC43 Taganrod Dragoon Regiment 1797-1815
RC44 Borisoglebsk Dragoon Regiment 1803-15
RC45 Pereyaslavl Dragoon Regiment 1803-15 (till 12/1812, then Horse Jäger)
RC46 Zhitomir Dragoon Regiment 1803-12 (till 12/1812, then Lancer)
RC47 Tiraspol Dragoon Regiment 1803-12 (till 12/1812, then Horse Jäger)
RC48 Stardobov Dragoon Regiment 1803-12 (till 12/1812, then Horse Jäger)
RC49 Pavlograd Hussars 1803-15
RC50 1803 Cavalry, Regimental (white) & Squadron (green)
RC51 1803 Cavalry, Squadron (two green standards)
RC52 Poland Uhlan Regiment (24 Lance Pennons)
RC53 Lithuanian Uhlan Regiment (24 Lance Pennons)
RC54 Tartar Uhlan Regiment (24 Lance Pennons)
RC55 Volhynia Uhlan Regiment (24 Lance Pennons)
RC56 Chuguev Uhlan Regiment (24 Lance Pennons)
RC57 Vladimir Uhlan Regiment (24 Lance Pennons)
RC58 Taganrog Uhlan Regiment (24 Lance Pennons)
RC59 Iamburg Uhlan Regiment (24 Lance Pennons)
RC60 Orenburg Uhlan Regiment (24 Lance Pennons)
RC61 Siberia Uhlan Regiment (24 Lance Pennons)
RC62 Zhitomir Uhlan Regiment (24 Lance Pennons)
RC63 Serpukov Uhlan Regiment (24 Lance Pennons)
RC64 Bug Cossacks I (one white; one colored)
RC65 Bug Cossacks II (two colored)
RC66 Lithuanian Tartars I (one white; one colored)
RC67 Lithuanian Tartars II (two colored)
RC68 1st Black Sea Cossacks I (one white; one colored)
RC69 1st Black Sea Cossacks II (two colored)
RC70 2nd Black Sea Cossacks I (one white; one colored)
RC71 2nd Black Sea Cossacks II (two colored)
RC72 1st Tchougoviev Cossacks I (one white; one colored)
RC73 1st Tchougoviev Cossacks II (two colored)
RC74 2nd Tchougoviev Cossacks I (one white; one colored)
RC75 2nd Tchougoviev Cossacks II (two colored)
RC76 Polish Light Horse I (one white; one colored)
RC77 Polish Light Horse II (two colored)