GMB Flags ― Hundred Years War

NOTE: All items $7.00 each.

The English
Item Description
HYE1 Henry V (King of England 1413~22)
HYE2 Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York
HYE3 Henry VI (King of England 1422~71)
HYE4 Thomas, Duke of Clarence
HYE5 Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester
HYE6 John de Holland, Earl of Huntingdon
HYE7 John, Lord Camoys
HYE8 Edmund Mortimer, Earl of March
HYE9 John Mowbray, Earl of Nottingham
HYE10 John de Vere, Earl of Oxford
HYE11 Michael de la Pole, Earl of Suffolk
HYE12 Sir Gilbert Umfraville
HYE13 Sir John Hartington
HYE14 Thomas Beaufort, Earl of Dorset
HYE15 St. George
HYE16 Richard Pembridge
HYE17 Thomas Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick
HYE18 Gilbert, Baron Talbot
HYE19 William, Baron Ferrers
HYE20 Thomas Erpingham
HYE21 Richard Fitzalan, Earl of Arundel
HYE22 Sir Richard Fitzsimon
HYE23 Edward, Prince of Wales (The Black Prince)
HYE24 Edward III (King of England 1327~77)
HYE25 Ralph, Lord Stafford
HYE26 Sir Richard Stafford
HYE27 Lord Robert Willoughby
HYE28 Sir Robert Ufford, Earl of Suffolk
HYE29 Sir William Montague, Earl of Salisbury

The French
Item Description
HYF1 Louis VI, The Royal Banner of France
HYF2 Louis VII
HYF3 Charles, Duke of Orléans
HYF4 Jean I, Duke of Bourbon
HYF5 Charles d'Albret (Constable of France)
HYF6 Phillip II, Count of Nevers
HYF7 Jean de Créquy, Marshal of Guienne (Crecy)
HYF8 Jean, sire d'Aumont
HYF9 David, Lord Rambures (Grand Master of Crossbowmen; Crecy)
HYF10 Duke of Brittany
HYF11 John VI, Count of Roucy (successors at Poitiers & Agincourt; Crecy)
HYF12 Count of Beaufort-en-Vallée
HYF13 Edouard, Count of Grandpre
HYF14 Valeran De Raineval, Count of Fauquembergues
HYF15 Jean, Viscount Belliere
HYF16 Louis de Chatillon, Count of Bois (Crecy)
HYF17 Jean Tyrel I, Lord of Poix (Crecy)
HYF18 Gaston de Casteras, Lord of the Riviere (Duke of Alencon’s retinue; Crecy)
HYF19 Arnaud d’Audrehem (Crecy)
HYF20 Jean du Puy du Fou (Crecy)
HYF21 Seigneur of Aubigny (escorted French King from battlefield; Crecy)
HYF22 Jean Tyrel II (Crecy & Poitiers)
HYF23 Bernard Tyrel of Poix (Crecy)
HYF24 Guillaume de Bremond, Lord of Gazanne
HYF25 Guy de Chatillon, Count of Sante Poix (Crecy)
HYF26 Jean de Chatillon, Lord of Dampierre (Crecy)
HYF27 Jean, Seigneur de Ghistelles (Count of Flandres retinue; Crecy)
HYF28 William, Lord Douglas (Scots; wounded at Poitiers)
HYF29 Sir Archibald Douglas (Scots; captured at Poitiers)
HYF30 Philip VI of of Valois, King of France 1328-50
HYF31 Charles de Valois, Count of Alencon (Crecy)
HYF32 Louis I, Count of Nevers (Crecy)
HYF33 Guillaume de Flandre, Count of Namur (Crecy)
HYF34 John, Duke of Berry (Poitiers)
HYF35 Pierre, Duke of Bourbon (killed at Poitiers)
HYF36 Guillaume de Chamby (Poitiers)
HYF37 Lord of Sully
HYF38 Amaury de Craon (Poitiers)
HYF39 Louis d’Anjou (Poitiers)
HYF40 Baudoin d’Annequin (Master of Crossbowmen 1360) (Poitiers)
HYF41 Count of Aunoy (Poitiers)