GMB Flags ― French Napoleonic

NOTE: All items $7.00 each.

The larger, more simply designed, tricolor flag made its first appearance for the Waterloo campaign. A single eagle and flag was carried by the first battalion of each infantry regiment and by the first squadron of each cavalry regiment.

Although most units were issued with new eagles and flags before the campaign, Light regiments of both infantry and cavalry were ordered to leave theirs at the regimental depot. This order was not always obeyed. There are standards for all regiments as most ranges of figures have standard bearers.

Infantry packs contain flags for the 1st and 2nd battalions of each regiment with numerals in the corner wreaths. F47 to F111 cover regiments involved in the Peninsular campaigns. Each cavalry squadron carried an eagle and standard or guidon in the early years (packs contain three flags for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd squadrons, with the regimental numeral in the corner wreaths). From 1812 onwards, a single eagle was carried by the 1st battalion of each regiment (packs contain two flags of the heavily embroidered 1812 pattern tricolor, with the appropriate battle honors).

Calvary packs contain three standards, with battle honors and numerals for each regiment of Cuirassiers, Hussars, Chasseurs Cheval and Guard cavalry (3 regiments per pack). Line Lancers have two standards and twelve lance pennons. Guard Lancers have one standard and eighteen pennons of the regimental pattern (these are also available as a supplementary pack of 24). Dragoons make up 30 regiments and are packaged as battle honor variants without individual numbering.

Middle and Young Guard fanions as well as Line and Legere: there are few known examples of these flags, but from gathering together fragments of information, cross referencing with orders and regulations, packs have been produced.

Line Infantry 1804-15
F36 Regiment Fanions 1809-14 (v1)
F37 Regiment Fanions 1809-14 (v2)
F51 1st Regiment
F52 8th Regiment
F53 15th Regiment
F54 19th Regiment
F55 22nd Regiment
F56 24th Regiment
F57 25th Regiment
F58 26th Regiment
F59 27th Regiment
F60 28th Regiment
F61 32nd Regiment
F62 34th Regiment
F63 36th Regiment
F64 39th Regiment
F65 40th Regiment
F66 45th Regiment
F67 46th Regiment
F68 47th Regiment
F69 50th Regiment
F70 51st Regiment
F71 54th Regiment
F72 55th Regiment
F73 58th Regiment
F74 59th Regiment
F75 62th Regiment
F76 63th Regiment
F77 64th Regiment
F78 65th Regiment
F79 66th Regiment
F80 69th Regiment
F81 70th Regiment
F82 75th Regiment
F83 76th Regiment
F84 82nd Regiment
F85 86th Regiment
F86 88th Regiment
F87 94th Regiment
F88 95th Regiment
F89 96th Regiment
F90 100th Regiment
F91 101th Regiment
F92 103rd Regiment
F93 118th Regiment
F94 119th Regiment
F95 120th Regiment
F96 122th Regiment
F112 17th Regiment
F113 30th Regiment
F114 61st Regiment
F115 48th Regiment
F116 7th Regiment
F117 12th Regiment
F118 52nd Regiment
F119 21st Regiment
F120 33rd Regiment
F121 108th Regiment
F122 111th Regiment
F123 42nd Regiment
F124 57th Regiment
F139 2nd Regiment
F140 3rd Regiment
F141 4th Regiment
F142 35th Regiment
F143 53rd Regiment
F144 123rd Regiment
F145 9th Regiment
F146 85th Regiment
F159 10th Regiment "One Against Ten" (2nd & 3rd Battalion)
F160 57th Regiment "The Terrible One" (2nd & 3rd Battalion)
F161 2nd & 3rd Battalion Fanions 1812-15 (white & red, gold lettering & border)
F162 4th & 5th Battalion Fanions 1812-15 (blue & green, gold lettering & border)
F163 6th Battalion Fanions 1812-15 (yellow, gold lettering & border)
F171 92nd Regiment
F172 106th Regiment
F173 43rd Regiment
F174 18th Regiment
F175 67th Regiment
F176 72nd Regiment
F177 105th Regiment
F178 16th Regiment
F179 37th Regiment
F180 56th Regiment
F181 93rd Regiment
Light Infantry 1804-15
F97 2nd Legere
F98 4th Legere
F99 6th Legere
F100 9th Legere
F101 12th Legere
F102 15th Legere
F103 16th Legere
F104 17th Legere
F105 21st Legere
F106 25th Legere
F107 27th Legere
F108 28th Legere
F109 31st Legere
F110 32nd Legere
F125 1st Legere
F126 3rd Legere
F127 5th Legere
F128 7th Legere
F129 8th Legere
F130 10th Legere
F131 13th Legere
F132 14th Legere
F133 18th Legere
F134 19th Legere
F135 22nd Legere
F136 23th Legere
F137 24th Legere
F138 26th Legere
F164 2nd & 3rd Battalion Fanions 1812-15 (white & red, gold lettering, horn & border)
F165 2nd & 3rd Battalion Fanions 1812-15 (blue & green, gold lettering, horn & border)
F166 6th Battalion Fanions 1812-15 (yellow, gold lettering, horn & border)
Line Infantry 1812
F3 1st, 5th, 9th, 13th, 19th, 23rd, 29th, 42nd, 52nd, 53rd, 60th, 62nd, 79th, 81st, 102nd, 106th & 122nd Regiments
F4 12th, 17th, 21st, 25th, 30th, 33rd, 48th, 61st, 85th, 108th & 111th Regiments
F5 11th, 35th, 84th, & 92nd Regiments
F6 14th, 28th, 36th, 43rd, 55th & 75th Regiments
F7 6th, 7th, 10th, 22nd, 26th, 47th, 66th, 70th, 82nd, 86th & 101st Regiments (w/o honors)
F8 8th, 45th, 54th, 94th & 95th Regiments
F9 2nd, 16th, 37th, 56th, 67th & 93rd Regiments
F10 4th, 18th, 46th & 57th Regiments
F13 100th & 103rd Regiments
F14 3rd & 15th Regiments
F15 64th & 88th Regiments
F16 27th, 39th, 59th & 69th Regiments
F17 32nd & 58th Regiments
F18 24th & 63rd Regiments
F19 2nd & 7th Ligne
F20 13th & 15th Ligne
F22 34th & 40th Regiments
F23 44th & 50th Regiments
F24 51th & 65th Regiments
F25 72th & 76th Regiments
F26 96th & 105th Regiments
Light Infantry 1812
F11 1st, 14th, 19th, 22nd, 31st & 32nd Regiments (w/o honors)
F12 12th & 18th Regiments
F21 5th & 23rd Legere (w/ Honors)
F27 3rd & 8th Legere
F28 6th & 9th Legere
F300 10th & 24th Legere
F301 16th & 25th Legere
F302 17th & 21st Legere
F303 15th & 26th Legere
F304 27th & 28th Legere
1815 Range
WF1 I Corps, 54th & 55th Regiments, 1st Brigade, 1st Division (D'Erlon)
WF1A 54th & 55th Regiments, 2nd Battalions
WF2 I Corps, 28th & 105th Regiments, 2nd Brigade, 1st Division (D'Erlon)
WF2A 28th & 105th Regiments, 2nd Battalions
WF3 I Corps, 13th Light & 17th Line Regiments, 1st Brigade, 2nd Division (D'Erlon)
WF3A 13th Legere, 2nd & 3rd Battalions
WF4 I Corps, 19th & 51st Regiments, 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division (D'Erlon)
WF4A 17th Regiment, 2nd Battalion (w/ spare Fanion)
WF5 I Corps, 21st & 46th Regiments, 1st Brigade, 3rd Division (D'Erlon)
WF5A 21st & 46th Regiment, 2nd Battalions
WF6 I Corps, 25th & 45th Regiments, 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division (D'Erlon)
WF6A 25th & 45th Regiment, 2nd Battalions
WF7 I Corps, 8th & 29th Regiments, 1st Brigade, 4th Division (D'Erlon)
WF8 I Corps, 85th & 95th Regiments, 2nd Brigade, 4th Division (D'Erlon)
WF11 II Corps, 2nd Light & 61st Line Regiments, 1st Brigade, 5th Division (Reille)
WF12 II Corps, 72nd & 108th Regiments, 2nd Brigade, 5th Division (Reille)
WF13 II Corps, 1st Light & 3rd Line Regiments, 1st Brigade, 6th Division (Reille)
WF13A 1st Legere, 2nd & 3rd Battalions
WF14 II Corps, 1st & 2nd Regiments, 2nd Brigade, 6th Division (Reille)
WF14A 2nd Legere, 2nd & 3rd Battalions
WF15 II Corps, 11th Light & 82nd Line Regiments, 1st Brigade, 7th Division (Reille)
WF16 II Corps, 12th Light & 4th Line Regiments, 2nd Brigade, 7th Division (Reille)
WF17 II Corps, 92nd & 93rd Regiments, 1st Brigade, 9th Division (Reille)
WF18 II Corps, 4th Light & 100th Line Regiments, 2nd Brigade, 9th Division (Reille)
WF21 III Corps, 15th Light & 23rd Line Regiments, 1st Brigade, 8th Division (Vandamme)
WF22 III Corps, 37th & 64th Regiments, 2nd Brigade, 8th Division (Vandamme)
WF23 III Corps, 34th & 88th Regiments, 1st Brigade, 10th Division (Vandamme)
WF24 III Corps, 22nd & 70th Regiments, 2nd Brigade, 10th Division (Vandamme)
WF25 III Corps, 12th & 56th Regiments, 1st Brigade, 11th Division (Vandamme)
WF26 III Corps, 33rd & 86th Regiments, 2nd Brigade, 11th Division (Vandamme)
WF28 IV Corps, 30th & 96th Regiments, 1st Brigade, 12th Division (Gerard)
WF29 IV Corps, 6th Light & 63rd Line Regiments, 2nd Brigade, 12th Division (Gerard)
WF30 IV Corps, 59th & 76th Regiments, 1st Brigade, 13th Division (Gerard)
WF31 IV Corps, 48th & 69th Regiments, 2nd Brigade, 13th Division (Gerard)
WF32 IV Corps, 9th Light & 111th Line Regiments, 1st Brigade, 14th Division (Gerard)
WF33 IV Corps, 44th & 50th Regiments, 2nd Brigade, 14th Division (Gerard)
WF36 VI Corps, 5th & 11th Regiments, 1st Brigade, 19th Division (Lobau)
WF37 VI Corps, 27th & 84th Regiments, 2nd Brigade, 19th Division (Lobau)
WF38 VI Corps, 5th Light & 10th Line Regiments, 1st Brigade, 20th Division (Lobau)
WF39 VI Corps, 47th & 107th Regiments, 2nd Brigade, 20th Division (Lobau)
WF40 VI Corps, 8th Light & 40th Line Regiments, 1st Brigade, 21st Division (Lobau)
WF41 VI Corps, 65th & 75th Regiments, 2nd Brigade, 21st Division (Lobau)
WF64 Old Guard Grenadiers (Battalion fanion/eagle centre/grenades/gold fringe/NCO pennants)
WF65 Old Guard Grenadiers (Battalion fanion/grenade centre/NCO pennants)
WF66 Old Guard Chasseurs (Battalion fanion/eagle centre/bugle horns/NCO pennants)
WF67 Old Guard Chasseurs (Battalion fanion/bugle horn centre/NCO pennants)
Guard Infantry
F1 1st & 2nd Imperial Guard Grenadiers 1813
F2 1st & 2nd Imperial Guard Chasseurs 1813
F33 Young Guard Tirailleurs 1811-1815
F34 Young Guard Voltigeurs 1811-1815
F40 Guard Grenadiers 1804-1811
F41 Guard Chasseurs 1804-1811
F42 Guard Grenadiers 1811-1813
F43 Guard Chasseurs 1811-1813
W60 Imperial Guard Foot Grenadiers & Chasseurs 1815
W61 Imperial Guard Horse Grenadiers & Chasseurs 1815
Non-Line Units
F30 Tirailleur Grenadiers & Chasseurs 1809
F31 Fusilier Grenadiers 1806-1814
F32 Fusilier Chasseurs 1806-1814
F35 Flanquer Grenadiers & Chasseurs 1812-14
F44 Marines & Dutch Grenadiers
F167 Tower of Auvergne Regiment
F169 1st Regiment (Garde de Paris)
F170 2nd Regiment (Garde de Paris)
Foreign Units
F47 1st Swiss Regiment
F48 2nd Swiss Regiment
F49 3rd Swiss Regiment
F50 4th Swiss Regiment
F111 Irish Regiment
F148 Corsican Chasseurs
F149 Tirailleurs of the Po
F150 Swiss Neufchtel Battalion
F151 Legion of the Noon (Midi)
F152 Illyrian Regiment
F153 Issembourg Regiment
F154 Hanoverian Legion
F155 Portuguese Legion
F156 Prussian Regiment
F157 Westphalian Regiment
F158 Spanish Regiment (JN)
F168 Swiss Valaison Battalion

Item Description
FC40 1st Cuirassiers
FC41 2nd Cuirassiers
FC42 3rd Cuirassiers
FC43 4th Cuirassiers
FC44 5th Cuirassiers
FC45 6th Cuirassiers
FC46 7th Cuirassiers
FC47 8th Cuirassiers
FC48 9th Cuirassiers
FC49 10th Cuirassiers
FC50 11th Cuirassiers
FC51 12th Cuirassiers
FC52 13th Cuirassiers
FC53 14th Cuirassiers
FC54 1st Hussars
FC55 2nd Hussars
FC56 3rd Hussars
FC57 4th Hussars
FC58 5th Hussars
FC59 6th Hussars
FC60 7th Hussars
FC61 8th Hussars
FC62 9th Hussars
FC63 10th Hussars
FC64 1st Carabiniers
FC65 2nd Carabiniers
FC66 Imperial Guard Chasseurs Cheval
FC67 Imperial Guard Grenadiers Cheval
FC68 Imperial Guard Empress Dragoons
FC69 Imperial Guard Polish Lancers
FC28 Lance Pennons (Polish)
FC70 Imperial Guard Dutch Lancers
FC30 Lance Pennons (Dutch)
FC71 Mameluks & Elite Gendarme
FC72 1st Dragoons
FC73 2nd Dragoons
FC74 3rd Dragoons
FC75 4th Dragoons
FC76 5th Dragoons
FC77 6th Dragoons
FC78 7th Dragoons
FC79 8th Dragoons
FC80 9th Dragoons
FC81 10th Dragoons
FC82 11th Dragoons
FC83 12th Dragoons
FC84 13th Dragoons
FC85 14th Dragoons
FC86 15th Dragoons
FC87 16th Dragoons
FC88 17th Dragoons
FC89 18th Dragoons
FC90 19th Dragoons
FC91 20th Dragoons
FC92 21st Dragoons
FC93 22nd Dragoons
FC94 23rd Dragoons
FC95 24th Dragoons
FC96 25th Dragoons
FC97 26th Dragoons
FC98 27th Dragoons
FC99 28th Dragoons
FC100 29th Dragoons
FC101 30th Dragoons
FC102 1st Chasseurs Cheval
FC103 2nd Chasseurs Cheval
FC104 3rd Chasseurs Cheval
FC105 4th Chasseurs Cheval
FC106 5th Chasseurs Cheval
FC107 6th Chasseurs Cheval
FC108 7th Chasseurs Cheval
FC109 8th Chasseurs Cheval
FC110 9th Chasseurs Cheval
FC111 10th Chasseurs Cheval
FC112 11th Chasseurs Cheval
FC113 12th Chasseurs Cheval
FC114 13th Chasseurs Cheval
FC115 14th Chasseurs Cheval
FC116 15th Chasseurs Cheval
FC117 16th Chasseurs Cheval
FC118 17th Chasseurs Cheval
FC119 18th Chasseurs Cheval
FC220 19th Chasseurs Cheval
FC221 20th Chasseurs Cheval
FC222 21th Chasseurs Cheval
FC223 22th Chasseurs Cheval
FC224 23th Chasseurs Cheval
FC225 24th Chasseurs Cheval
FC226 25th Chasseurs Cheval
FC227 26th Chasseurs Cheval
FC1 1st & 2nd Carabiniers w/ 13th Cuirassiers 1812
FC2 1st, 2nd & 3rd Cuirassiers 1812
FC3 4th, 5th & 6th Cuirassiers 1812
FC4 7th, 8th & 9th Cuirassiers 1812
FC5 10th, 11th & 12th Cuirassiers 1812
FC6 1st, 2nd & 3rd Hussars 1812
FC7 4th, 5th & 6th Hussars 1812
FC8 7th, 8th & 9th Hussars 1812
FC9 10th, 11th & 12th Hussars 1812
FC10 1st, 2nd & 3rd Chasseurs Cheval
FC11 4th, 5th & 6th Chasseurs Cheval
FC12 7th, 8th & 9th Chasseurs Cheval
FC13 10th, 11th & 12th Chasseurs Cheval
FC14 13th, 14th & 15th Chasseurs Cheval
FC15 16th, 19th & 20th Chasseurs Cheval
FC16 21st, 22nd & 23rd Chasseurs Cheval
FC17 24th, 25th & 26th Chasseurs Cheval
FC18 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 10th, 11th, 14th, 20th & 26th Dragoons (1812 Honors)
FC19 5th, 8th, 9th, 12th, 13th, 15th, 16th, 22nd & 25th Dragoons (1812 Honors)
FC20 17th, 18th & 19th Dragoons (1812 Honors)
FC21 23rd, 24th & 28th Dragoons (1812 Honors)
FC22 21st, 27th & 29th Dragoons (1812 Honors)
FC23 1st & 2nd Line Lancers 1812
FC24 3rd & 4th Line Lancers 1812
FC25 5th & 6th Line Lancers 1812
FC26 Line Lancers 1812 (24 lance pennons)
FC27 Imperial Guard 1st Lancers (Polish)
FC28 Guard Lancers (lance pennons, crimson over white) (Polish)
FC29 Imperial Guard 2nd Lancers (Dutch)
FC30 Guard Lancers (lance pennons, white over scarlet) (Dutch)
FC31 Imperial Guard Grenadiers Cheval, Chasseurs Cheval & Dragoons
1815 Range
WF9 1st Cavalry Division, 7th Hussars & 3rd Chasseurs, 1st Brigade (Jacquinot)
WF10 1st Cavalry Division, 3rd & 4th Lancers, 2nd Brigade (Jacquinot)
WF19 2nd Cavalry Division, 1st & 6th Chasseurs Cheval, 1st Brigade (Pire)
WF20 2nd Cavalry Division, 5th & 6th Lancers, 2nd Brigade (Pire)
WF27 3rd Cavalry Division, 4th, 9th & 12th Chasseurs Cheval, 1st & 2nd Brigades (Domon)
WF34 7th Cavalry Division, 6th Hussars & 8th Chasseurs Cheval, 1st Brigade (Maurin)
WF35 7th Cavalry Division, 6th & 16th Dragoons, 2nd Brigade (Maurin)
WF42 I Corps Calvary Reserve, 1st & 4th Hussars, 4th Division (Pajol)
WF43 I Corps Calvary Reserve, 1st & 2nd Lancers, 5th Division (Pajol)
WF44 I Corps Calvary Reserve, 5th Hussars, 4th Division & 11th Chasseurs, 5th Division (Pajol)
WF45 II Corps Calvary Reserve, 5th & 13th Dragoons, 9th Division (Exelmans)
WF46 II Corps Calvary Reserve, 15th & 20th Dragoons, 9th Division (Exelmans)
WF47 II Corps Calvary Reserve, 4th & 12th Dragoons, 10th Division (Exelmans)
WF48 II Corps Calvary Reserve, 14th & 17th Dragoons, 10th Division (Exelmans)
WF49 III Corps Calvary Reserve, 2nd & 7th Dragoons, 11th Division (Kellermann)
WF50 III Corps Calvary Reserve, 8th & 11th Cuirassiers, 11th Division (Kellermann)
WF51 III Corps Calvary Reserve, 1st & 2nd Carabiniers, 12th Division (Kellermann)
WF52 III Corps Calvary Reserve, 2nd & 3rd Cuirassiers, 12th Division (Kellermann)
WF53 IV Corps Calvary Reserve, 1st & 4th Cuirassiers, 13th Division (Milhaud)
WF54 IV Corps Calvary Reserve, 7th & 12th Cuirassiers, 13th Division (Milhaud)
WF55 IV Corps Calvary Reserve, 5th & 10th Cuirassiers, 14th Division (Milhaud)
WF56 IV Corps Calvary Reserve, 6th & 9th Cuirassiers, 14th Division (Milhaud)
WF62 Imperial Guard Empress Dragoons & Elite Gendarmes
WF63 2nd Imperial Guard Lancers (Dutch)