Calpe Miniatures ― Prussian Landwehr Infantry

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NOTE: PL15-PL26 are all in step marching.
PL1 Soldier Marching (v1) $2.40
PL1B As PL1 (Head Right) $2.40
PL2 Solider Marching (Long Stride) (v1) $2.40
PL2B As PL2 (Head Left) $2.40
PL3 Soldier Marching (Long Stride; Musket Low) $2.40
PL4 Soldier Marching (v2) $2.40
PL5 NCO Marching w/ Musket & Saber (v1) $2.40
PL6 Standard Bearer Marching w/ Flag (over right shoulder) $2.40
PFLAG1 Rolled Flag w/ Brass Flagpole (use with PL6) $2.40
PL7 Drummer Marching (carried over left shoulder) $2.40
PL8 Soldier Falling Wounded (v1) $2.40
PL9 Enthusiastic Soldier Waving Cap $2.40
PL10 Mounted Officer (horse required) (v1) $2.40
PL11 Officer Marching (Kollet) $2.40
PL12 Officer Advancing (Litewka; Hands on Sword) $2.40
PL13 Officer Marching (Litewka) (v1) $2.40
PL14 Officer Advancing (Kollet; Sword Down; Arm Up) $2.40
PLPK1 As PL2 (bald); PL3 (bandaged head); PL4 (barehead) $7.20
PL15 Soldier Marching (v3) $2.40
PL15B As PL15 (Head Right) $2.40
PL16 Soldier Marching (Long Stride) (v2) $2.40
PL16B As PL16 (Head Left) $2.40
PL17 Soldier Marching (Lean Forward) $2.40
PL18 Soldier Advancing $2.40
PL19 NCO Marching w/ Musket & Saber (v2) $2.40
PL20 Standard Bearer Marching $2.40
PL21 Drummer Playing $2.40
PL22 Soldier Falling Wounded (v2) $2.40
PL23 Enthusiastic Soldier Urging Others $2.40
PL24 Mounted Officer (horse required) (v2) $2.40
PL25 Officer Marching (Litewka) (v2) $2.40
PL26 Officer Advancing (Litewka; Sword Down) $2.40
PL31 Pioneer Soldier $2.40
PL32 Soldier Advancing (Clogs) $2.40
PL33 Soldier Advancing (Barefoot) $2.40
PLPK2 As PL16 (bandaged head); PL17 (barehead); PL18 (bald) $7.20
Trail Arms
PL27 Soldier at Trail Arms (Long Trousers; Head Right) $2.40
PL28 Soldier at Trail Arms (Long Trousers) $2.40
PL29 Soldier at Trail Arms (Gaiters; Head Left) $2.40
PL30 Soldier at Trail Arms (Rolled Trousers) $2.40
PL34 Mounted Officer Advancing (arm choice; 2-part casting) (horse required) $2.40
PL35 Soldier Advancing Low Porte $2.40
PL36 Soldier Advancing Mid-Porte $2.40
PL37 Soldier Advancing High Porte (v1) $2.40
PL37B As PL37 (Head Right) $2.40
PL38 Soldier Advancing High Porte (v2) $2.40
PL39 NCO Shouting Orders w/ Musket $2.40
PL40 Standard Bearer (2-part casting) $2.40
PL41 Drummer Advancing $2.40
PL42 Enthusiastic Soldier Waving Hand $2.40
PL43 Soldier Falling Back Wounded $2.40
PL44 Officer Advancing (Litewka; Sword Across) $2.40
PL45 Officer Advancing (Litewka; Sword Forward) $2.40
PL46 Officer Pointing (Sword Down) $2.40
PL47 Officer Waving Hat $2.40
PLPK3 As PL35 (barehead); PL36 (bald); PL38 (bandaged head) $7.20
PL48 Soldier Charging (Right Leg Up) $2.40
PL49 Soldier Charging (Left Leg Up) $2.40
PL50 Soldier Charging (Legs Bent) $2.40
PL51 Soldier Charging Low Porte $2.40
PL52 NCO Charging High Porte $2.40
PL53 Standard Bearer Charging $2.40
PL54 Drummer Charging $2.40
PL55 Soldier Falling Forward Wounded $2.40
PL56 Enthusiastic Soldier Clubbing $2.40
PL57 Officer Charging (Kollet; Sword Pointed; Waving Hand) $2.40
PL58 Officer Charging (Kollet; Sword Up) $2.40
PL59 Mounted Officer (Kollet; arm choice) (horse required) $2.40
PLPK4 As PL48 (bandaged head); PL50 (bald); PL51 (barehead) $7.20
Firing Line
PL60 Soldier Firing (Long Trousers) $2.40
PL61 Soldier Firing (Rolled Trousers) $2.40
PL62 Soldier Firing (Gaiters) $2.40
PL63 Soldier Taking Round from Pouch $2.40
PL64 Soldier Ramming Musket $2.40
PL65 Soldier at Ready (Gaiters) $2.40
PL65B As PL65 (Head Right) $2.40
PL66 Soldier at Ready (Long Trousers) $2.40
PL66B As PL66 (Head Right) $2.40
PL67 Standard Bearer at Ease $2.40
PL68 Drummer at Ease $2.40
PL69 NCO at Ease $2.40
PL70 Officer Pointing Sword $2.40
PL71 Officer Giving Order to Fire (Arm Up) $2.40
PLPK5 As PL60 (bandaged Head); PL62 (barehead); PL64 (bald) $7.20
PLPK6 Prone Casualty Pack (3) $7.20